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Whois-Details for Spam Domain Blacklist - 2004-09-16

The following list was produced by jwSpamSpy, which checks every mail sent to our mailboxes. The list provides information about domains that have been advertised via spam ("spamvertized"). Every domain listed here has appeared inside unsolicited bulk email, either advertised or as a genuine return address or both. We keep a database of intercepted spam and can provide details on request.

This means, if you found this page by looking for information about a domain that appeared in spam sent to you, you probably would have been protected from this spam if you had been using jwSpamSpy.

See blacklist for a full list of domains.

Recent additions are listed here and in the daily archive file, like this one.

bl= Date the domain was added to our local blacklist (YYYY-MM-DD)
whois= Whois database maintainer (usually indicates company with which domain was registered)
created= Date on which domain was registered (spammers constantly register new domains to try to defeat domain blacklists)
ns= Primary name server registered for the domain
rogue-ns= Same as ns= except that the server is known to host multiple spam domains. It is assumed to be under the control of spammers or its owners tolerate clients who spam (often advertised as "bullet-proof hosting")

We have released the following product to help prevent spam from reaching your email intray:

Blacklist log (2004-09-16): (bl=2004-09-16,,, created=2004-08-09) (bl=2004-09-16,,, created=2003-05-31) (bl=2004-09-16,, ns=(null), created=unknown) (bl=2004-09-16,,, created=2000-02-03) (bl=2004-09-16,, created=2004-08-09) (bl=2004-09-16,, created=2004-08-13) (bl=2004-09-16,, created=2003-12-12) (bl=2004-09-16,, created=2003-12-12) (bl=2004-09-16,, created=2004-03-29) (bl=2004-09-16,,, created=2004-08-10) (bl=2004-09-16,,, created=2004-08-08) (bl=2004-09-16,,, created=2004-08-02) (bl=2004-09-16,, created=2003-01-03) (bl=2004-09-16,, created=2004-04-15) (bl=2004-09-16,,, created=2004-08-24) (bl=2004-09-16,, created=2003-08-22) (bl=2004-09-16,, created=2003-11-08) (bl=2004-09-16,, created=2004-04-22) (bl=2004-09-16,, created=2003-10-17) (bl=2004-09-16,, created=2004-04-14) (bl=2004-09-16,, created=2003-07-17) (bl=2004-09-16,, created=2003-07-18) (bl=2004-09-16,, created=2003-01-09) (bl=2004-09-16,, created=2003-10-31) (bl=2004-09-16,, created=2000-12-12) (bl=2004-09-16,, created=2003-07-17) (bl=2004-09-16,, created=2004-01-29) (bl=2004-09-16,, created=2004-04-22) (bl=2004-09-16,,, created=2004-09-01) (bl=2004-09-16,, created=2003-08-27) (bl=2004-09-16,, created=2004-09-11) (bl=2004-09-16,, created=2004-04-14) (bl=2004-09-16,, created=2004-04-14) (bl=2004-09-16,, created=2003-12-12) (bl=2004-09-16,, created=2003-07-11)

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