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BladeEnc: Convert WAV-Files to MP3

Problem: You want to store audio files on a hard disk without taking up hundreds of megabytes of disk space

Explanation: High quality WAV-files such as digital data extraced from an audio CD takes up some 10 MB f disk spce per minute of sound. If yo store a couple of CDs on your hard disk, you may use up gigabytes of space. You need audio compression software.

Solution: BladEnc is a utility program that converts WAV-files to much more compact M3-files. It's free and even comes with source code. The output at 256 Kbps (32 KB/s or some 1,9 MB/minute) is indistinguishable from a CD, at one fifth the disk usage. Even at 160 Kbps I find it hard to tell the difference.

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