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Google and LLC LLC (有限会社 is a software company based in Tokyo, Japan. We specialize in fighting spam and online fraud. We analyze spam emails and provide data to block spam and recognize fraud. We supply data to, a leading anti-spam service used by Internet Service Providers, corporates and institutions worldwide. jwSpamSpy, our anti-spam software is available as a Windows client.

Born and raised in Germany and now a long-term resident of Japan, I am a software developer with more than 3 decades of experience in operating system and application software development. In the late 1980s I was a core member of the team at Digital Research that developed DR DOS. This product helped challenge the virtual monopoly of Microsoft in the operating system market, costing Bill Gates hundreds of millions of dollars in lost revenue even before he became a multi-billionaire. Later I worked for Novell, Inc, PGSoft and Crossloop. Today I still enjoy developing high quality software that is fun to use.
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Shintaro and Yukiko