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Internet Explorer opens "http:///" blank window (

Problem: When you start Internet Explorer a blank window pops up with a URL of "http:///" (http, colon, three slashes). When you click on a link, the new page opens for about half a second, then turns blank. Internet Explorer becomes next to unusable.

Explanation: You have a Trojan on your machine ( according to Kaspersky). You need to kill the process of the trojan and also prevent it from getting restarted next time the system starts up.

Solution: Use Ctrl+Alt+Del to invoke the task manager. Select "Processes" and look for a process called "winpack", then terminate it. Run Regedit ("Start | Run | RedEdit") and select this key:

Under it you will find the following value:
winpack   REG_SZ   C:\Windows\System32\winpack.exe
Right-click on winpack and select "Delete".

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