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When people trying to boost their website ratings by suggesting link exchanges to website owners selected on the basis of Google hits, the automated proposals written by software robots that results are often mismatched, sometimes hilariously so. One example is the link exchange spam I received from a site called on 2004-05-28:

Date: Friday, 28 May, 2004 19:56
Subject: Link exchange

Hello, administration of!

There is an information about BMW on your site
I'd like to exchange links with your site.

If you agree, then please place my link on your site and send me
your page's link text and URL.

My description:

Link Text: BMW pictures

Best Regards

I personally prefer Audis, but quite like BMWs too. The point is though, I don't mention BMW cars anywhere on my personal website. So why did they send my this link exchange spam? Probably because I am a long time fan of Bob Marley and the Wailers (initials: BMW) and my page (and it's earlier incarnations on other domains) is one of the oldest Bob Marley fanpages on the web.

Though Bob Marley himself used to drive a BMW, my site has nothing to do with BMW cars. It is quite clear that no human from ever visited my bmw.htm page, or they would have realized their mistake...

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