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"Floppy can't be acceded. Check another application don't use it"

Problem: When writing a diskette from a disk image file, such as for a setup diskette or Flash BIOS update diskette, you get the following error message:

Floppy can't be acceded. 
Check another application don't use it

The self-extracting diskette image progarm could not write to the diskette. This can have one of several causes:

  • Your virus scanner is preventing direct write access to the floppy disk drive. Temporarily turn off your virus scanner to create the diskette. Make sure to reenable it afterwards.
  • The diskette drive is open in Windows Explorer. Make sure your Explorer windows are closed or are pointing only at folders on the hard disk.
  • Your floppy disk drive is a removable disk drive on a notbook computer that is not compatible with this program. Try creating those diskettes on a desktop machine.