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Visual Studio .NET Installation: Internal Error 25003

Problem: When installing Visual Studio .NET off CD-ROM or DVD-ROM the installation aborts with the following error message:

Internal Error 25003
This occurs when a problem occurs reading from the CD-ROM drive. The error handling is rather poor (does anybody still remember the infamous "Bdos Err On A: Bad Sector" message on CP/M 2.2 more than 20 years ago?)

There are two workarounds:

  • Install from a CD-ROM drive in a different machine, mapping a drive letter via the network. For example, if D: is your local CD-ROM drive and your other machine ("\\machine") shares it's CD-ROM drive as "r", map a drive letter F:
    c:>net use f: \\machine\r
    and then install off drive letter f:

  • Copy the CD ROMs to a hard disk folder anywhere in the network and install off the hard disk copy. This is explained in the following Microsoft KnowledgeBase article:

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