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Fraudulent Job offer: "Ameritrade Finance" ("CareerBuilder Job Application")

The "Ameritrade Finance" job offer is a fraud. Job seekers are recruited to deposit checks which they are mailed and then wire funds to a recipient in another country when the check clears. Most people are not aware that it can take two weeks and more for a fraudulent check to bounce, long after the bank makes funds available from the check. Never agree to accept checks for your employer. There are no legitimate reasons for such an arrangement. It is a clear sign of fraud.

From: "NoReply" <>
To: <emailaddr>
Sent: Tuesday, 07 December, 2004 1:29
Subject: CareerBuilder Job Application

Each of us thought of giving up routine job and join another
"get-rich-fast" scheme. How many of those tries were successfull? Did you earn more than $1000 or
$2000 a month with them?
We made it possible for you to get a real part-time job in a world of cashing business.
You will make a fixed percentage out of every cashed instrument and it will be only increasing.
The job we offer is NOT related to marketing, mail, mlm or same.
The main objective of our company is to provide opportunities in career building for people with little or no previous backgrounds.
We won't ask you about your credit rating. We don't work for collection agencies.
Being a long-established solid corporation we understand how important is to provide our customers the best possibilities and support. We always try our best to be cooperative and customer-friendly, you can call us any time and ask a question if something is unclear.
Requirements are simple:
- Being of Legal age (over 18 years)
- Home address and phone number
- Internet access, couple of hours per day
To apply, please fill the form below and email it to us:
Your full name:
Your current home address:
Your home phone:
Your contact email address:
Would you like to work part-time or full-time? :
Tell few words about yourself :
Best Wishes,
Ameritrade Finance, Check Cashing

*** Do not click "Reply To" in you e-mail client as you won't get a reply, use only e-mail specified in the message ***

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